Selkirk Development Corporation Ltd

The Selkirk Development Corporation (SDC) Ltd. is the entity that deals with all of the Real Estate, Joint Ventures and Agreement.

SDC is also responsible for the Administrative and Governance matter concerning the Corporation. The SDC staff and board of directors are housed under this entity.

39539 Yukon Inc

39539 Yukon Inc. holds equipment and also houses the different agreements.

15394 Yukon Inc

This company has a fire suppression crew contact with the Government of Yukon.

The company employs three people on a seasonal basis for the duration of the fire season as the regional fire suppression crew. The crew can be called to emergencies throughout the Yukon.

SFN Holdings Ltd

This company is responsible for holding various equipment and property within the Pelly Crossing area.

The store management is also registered under SFN Holdings.

39550 Yukon Inc

This company is used for management of the SFN sewage lagoon.

All the companies share the same directors, management resources and ownership.